What an incredible month.


We launched SGA’s first-ever Natural Gas Take Action Month with one objective:  To empower our colleagues with the facts and confidence to tell our story. And clearly, you became empowered!


Attending insightful webinars featuring inspirational speakers and trending topics, taking the chance to “Ask an Executive” via video, joining Natural Gas Champion training, and sharing lots of facts to digestible content on both organizational and individual levels, you realized our goal. You created a real-time and relevant discussion around why natural gas is the key to a sustainable energy future.


These results speak for themselves:


To all SGA members who supported Natural Gas Take Action Month – thank you!


If you missed any of our content, please check out this #GASisKEY Asset Recap PDF, and please use these assets to share this message and these tools far and wide.


Remember, if we don’t tell our story, our detractors will. I hope that your newfound empowerment lasts long after today; that you now feel even more equipped to continue this important conversation.


Be proud of our industry. Be inspired to tell your story.


Let’s carry our message forward beyond October, from social media to city hall. Natural gas is essential, reliable, and innovative.


Natural gas is the key to a sustainable energy future.




Don Raikes
SGA Board Chair
President of Gas Distribution, Dominion Energy



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When people chant “keep it in the ground,” I’m sure they weren’t referring to wind blade waste. There is no energy panacea. Every energy source has a pro and a con. In a recent article from Bloomberg.com, they offer a good perspective on the pollution of wind, in that the turbine blades are not recyclable, but they are enormous. If we, as a nation, don’t realistically balance the pros and cons of each of them in our clean energy solution, we will fail to meet our objective.


The world needs lots of #energy, more than ever before. It is also true that there is a subset of people that are angry at the oil and gas industry for what they perceive to be greed, amongst other things. For those reasons and more, they advocate moving away from hydrocarbons, chanting “keep it in the ground.” In this article, we see one of the consequences of wind energy, which, ironically, will also be kept in the ground.


Wind turbine blades are strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds—making them nearly indestructible. They are typically between 100 and 300 feet long, making them difficult and expensive to dismantle and transport (they must be cut into pieces using an industrial saw) and a potential problem at the few landfills that accept them: “Our crushing equipment is not big enough to crush them,” so says Cindy Langstrom, who manages the turbine blade disposal project for the municipal landfill in Casper, WY in a posted NPR story from last year.


Unchanneled anger plays a role in the ongoing difficulties experienced by people in a relationship and in policies. It’s time for all people to come to the table and engage in a constructive and realistic conversation about  #cleanenergy #cleanenergyfuture #renewableenergy




By Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO Southern Gas Association



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In pursuit of the “A-HA” moment.

Grassroots efforts present an opportunity for each of us to communicate about clean energy, how natural gas will help achieve shared climate goals and policies that will support a sustainable energy solution.

Environmental activists have harnessed the grassroot effort to shape perception and public policy on fossil fuel. While they may be well-intended, sincere and emotionally invested, they are also un or misinformed as to how energy is generated and delivered, where it is used and how much energy we need as a nation. As natural gas professionals, we understand the what, how and why. It’s time for the natural gas industry to mobilize and put action behind our knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry and a clean energy future. We recognize the critical role of advanced energy technology innovation in maintaining U.S. economic success and providing a sustainable domestic energy supply for the future. Let’s get the word out. Read more

By Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO Southern Gas Association
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Check out the latest edition of the SGA LINK!

Discover how you can help change the narrative and tell the truth about the very real benefits of natural gas. It’s time to take the narrative back!


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The second quarter of 2020 was a period that caused many of us to master the art of the purposeful pivot. From health-related concerns to engaging in an essential and complicated conversation about bias and disparity, our springs were definitely not what we anticipated.

While many things have changed, much of our work remains the same: delivering the highest level of service to people who depend on us while we navigate (and try to improve) the issues swirling around us.

SGA remains committed to being a resource for you and an advocate for the ideals that represent the very best of us.


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Now is the time to take action!

Join the Southern Gas Association during the month of October to engage in a team

experience of capacity building, communication, and education.


Natural gas is a key component in building a sustainable clean energy future. Our

industry is providing clean reliable, affordable energy. The mantra of those against fossil

fuel, “keep it in the ground” is prescriptive. It’s about winning an argument, advancing

an agenda without a true defi nition of success. Many people are locked into a small

component of the debate “no fossil fuel” and it’s very personal to them. SGA stands

behind a process of identifying what we are trying to solve for and using all the tools

in the tool belt to achieve that end state. Rather than prescriptive, we choose to be

descriptive. Our mantra, “making clean energy happen.” Knowing what we are solving for,

a clean energy future, is our North Star.


To that end, SGA is launching “Natural Gas Take Action” month. We are doing the work

of “narrative change” and encourage you to engage. Every day in October we will be

providing free resources to lift up our members and the broader industry, weaving

together facts and inspiration. We have a lot of smart people in our industry and when

you put smart people together on a mission, you open up to creativity and new ideas.

Read more and learn how you can take part in “Natural Gas Take Action” month here.



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“Rolling blackouts plagued California last week as a heatwave
instigated electricity demand that pushed the grid to the limits and exceeded California’s power capacity.

It was a direct result of California’s absolute agenda of eliminating natural gas power.”


Read more from this blog 

By Suzanne Ogle   


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Today, SGA honors Roger Reid, SGA Managing Director and Innovator (1977 – 1996).

Roger Reid, SGA’s second President, passed away Monday after battling Covid-19.  Roger (whom I did not know personally but feel I know from the stories of many) changed the face of the association.  He is known fondly by those who had the privilege to work with him,  as a good leader and a good friend.  An innovative leader, in the early 1990’s Roger began a television network so the member companies could link ideas across the country.  CTN as it was known, was groundbreaking and the natural gas industry’s first distance (virtual) learning.  Those who are acquainted with SGA know our motto:  Linking People, Ideas, and Information; Roger established the slogan.  Today, more than 30 years later this motto still defines SGA value.  SGA is the only place in the industry that all parts of the industry can come together to find solutions for common problems and find ways to innovate.  Then and today, SGA is an idea incubator and diffuser of industry knowledge.  Another of Roger’s initiatives was the “Link” a quarterly association newsletter that enhanced communication and alignment.  The Link was rejuvenated this year, in 2020 because communication never goes out of style.

If a man is remembered by his relationships, Roger will be rewarded.  Roger and his wife, Pat, thought of the SGA members as part of their family. Lifelong friendships were made during his tenure as President.

I learned of his death today from Roger’s co-worker and his lifelong friend, Frank Schooler.  While Roger and Pat are now reunited in heaven, Roger’s family will remain a part of the SGA family.  Roger was a great man and will be remembered for his lifelong relationships and his impact on the natural gas industry.  It is with great respect that I and all of the Southern Gas Association honor Roger.

Suzanne Ogle   


SGA Team


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The SGA Campus is currently off-line to complete the scheduled upgrade ahead of the highly anticipated Natural Gas Connect Academy, SGA’s inaugural virtual conference.

At 2:00 p.m. July 8, 2020 (tomorrow) all registered Natural Gas Connect Attendees and our Natural Gas Connect  ALL ACCESS COMPANY PARTNERS will receive an email with the Natural Gas Connect Academy Guidebook and access links for sessions scheduled for the first week of the conference, beginning July 13th.

If you would like to sign up for emails, please subscribe here.

For the schedule for Monday and Tuesday’s sessions at Natural Gas  Connect, please check out this preview of the Guide Book!

Watch your email and this space for the live premiere of the SGA Campus!

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SGA Announces NEW Newsletter Feature

The relationships that SGA builds in the natural gas industry run long and deep, between our members with each other, and us with our members.

We’ve been hearing from individuals that recent events have left many members in an unfamiliar position: without a job. These natural gas professionals have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and experience which we know our member companies are eager to hire.

Also, we hear from our member companies that there are many positions that are open. Highly skilled positions that are sometimes hard to fill.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog. We have created a new feature in The Link (due out next week) where SGA member companies are invited to share employment opportunities. In this way, we hope that natural gas professionals and SGA member companies can come together to make this new normal a bit more…normal. This is a free feature for SGA member companies and potential employees—we hope that we can help connect the right people with the right businesses, benefitting both.

Please submit any job postings ASAP (with a link) to News@southerngas.org

If you are interested in posting positions, please send us an email so that we can hold a spot for you.

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