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 Natural Gas Take Action Month | October 2020

About this event:

When you work in this industry, you know that natural gas is Reliable, Essential, and Innovative. WE know that it is a cleaner energy source and the key to a sustainable future. But, how about people outside the industry? Our friends, family, and community? 

They may be hearing from people opposed to natural gas; people who think that wind and solar are the only way to a cleaner environment. We know that this simply isn't true...or realistic.

We've got a great story to tell, but the road won’t be easy. Those in opposition to natural gas are highly organized, well funded, motivated, and they are very good at messaging.


But here is the good news: the facts are with us. 


The facts are that natural gas is reliableessential, and innovative, and it’s the key to our sustainable future. But many people are not fully informed. And they are people we know. People we can reach. People we must reach.


We need your help!

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This October,  join the movement.

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