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2020 Chair of the Board: 

Don Raikes

President Gas Distribution,

Dominion Energy


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2020 Chair's Theme — Natural Gas - The Key To A Sustainable Future

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About SGA 

Since 1908, Southern Gas Association (SGA) has been investing in the people who make up the natural gas industry by providing learning opportunities for personal and professional growth. Specializing in facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration, educating on industry and leadership topics, and developing and managing joint industry projects, SGA supports member company volunteers and industry leaders, who work to actively engage the industry for a sustainable tomorrow.

SGA is a 501 (c)(6) trade association based in Dallas, Texas. 


Mission: To grow individuals and advance the industry by linking people, ideas and information


Value Proposition

SGA engages members through exceptional experiences where they can learn new information, exchange ideas and share solutions. Our members represent the entire natural gas business from drill bit to burner tip, which is reflected through a robust committee structure. Working together as one, SGA members create content, resources and initiatives that foster professional development and advance the natural gas industry.

What makes SGA different?

  • Driven exclusively by members
  • Volunteer engagement and content development spanning 50+ distinct disciplines
  • Only U.S. natural gas trade association supporting all sectors of the industry



SGA is a community of natural gas professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Representing the industry as a whole from drill bit to burner tip, SGA’s membership comprises 200 businesses across the distribution, pipeline and gas supply marketing sectors as well as more than 300 industry partners serving the industry as vendors, suppliers and consultants. Through digital and in person engagement, SGA members come together to share ideas, resources and best practices to develop people, relationships and solutions. 

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Are you interested in joining the effort to grow people and advance the industry for a safe and sustainable future? Together, you can solve today's problems and drive the conversation for tomorrow, exclusively available to member company employees only. Learn more about engaging with an SGA committee.


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