Award Programs





This year, Southern Gas Association recognizing outstanding efforts in the natural gas industry during the COVID-19 pandemic with our "Excellence in Crisis Award" on Monday, July 27, 2020 at our Natural Gas Connect Academy Virtual Conference.  Click on the videos below to learn more.


As the world faces an unprecedented trial, an industry in transition is rising to meet the challenges of a global pandemic safely, responsibly, and with an eye toward the future.
This award recognizes SGA member companies and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their response to the crisis.


We seek to recognize Excellence in Crisis Awards in the following categories:

COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD - This award recognizes companies who have gone the extra mile in service and outreach for their communities during the crisis. 


CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS AWARD - This award recognizes companies whose communications response to the crisis have improved corporate effectiveness.


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AWARD - This award recognizes successes in emergency management in response to the pandemic, or in response to other calamities during the COVID crisis.


ENGINEERING INNOVATION AWARD - This award recognizes individuals or work groups who have developed innovative processes or programs in response to the crisis.


SAFETY & HEALTH AWARD - This award recognizes companies whose safety and health initiatives have benefited employee and customer well-being during the crisis.


MERITORIOUS ACTION AWARD - This award recognizes individuals who display courageous actions to save or attempt to save lives.

 In 2020, thre heroes among the SGA Membership are recognized below for Meritorious Actions (click on name for video):


In addition, Southern Gas Association provides a variety of award programs to highlight efforts in the natural gas industry by sharing what organizations and individuals are doing to enhance the industry.

This award recognizes companies who have made significant impacts in protecting the environment by supporting environmental programs on the job or in the community. This award program also provides a forum for sharing of innovative environmental practices. Through utilization of innovative environmental practices, SGA member companies reduce waste, save money, and contribute to the industry’s environmental protection efforts, as well as benefit the health and welfare of the nation. 


SGA has over 50 interest groups, and each one is managed by a committee. Each year, SGA recognizes the leadership for those committees through the Volunteer Leaders Service Award.